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Tahiti Wedding Photographer, Modeling, Spotter, Fashion Show, Miss, Event and more...

Contact me if you have any question about the price of my service....

Also a Nikon Pro Member...

Nikon D3s
(The Best D-SLR Professional in Europe 2010 for TIPA - European Professional Camera 2010-2011 EISA)
Nikon D800
(Best D-SLR Expert 2012 TIPA / European Camera 2012-2013 EISA)
Nikon D500 

Nikon Lens :

- 35mm f1,4
- 24-120mm f4
- 70-200mm f2,8 VRII (The Best Professional Lens 2010 for TIPA)
- 85mm f1,4
- 105mm f2,8 Macro

Nikon Flash :

- SB-800
- SB-910 (Best Pro Flash TIPA)


Profoto B1